Winter Clothing Hack: MyMayu Wrist Gaiters

Winter Clothing Hack: MyMayu Wrist Gaiters. From Rain or Shine Mamma

A while ago I shared a winter clothing hack that prevents snow from getting into kids’ sleeves in the winter. The picture, which was widely circulated on Facebook, showed a wool sock that had had its heel and toes cut off to fit over a child’s hand. When this upcycled wool sock is worn over the child’s mittens and pulled up over the sleeves of the jacket, the idea is that snow can’t get in and cut short precious outdoor playtime. As clever as this hack was, I soon learned that there was a better solution for keeping snow, sleet and mud out of children’s wrists – MyMayu wrist gaiters.

Winter Clothing Hack: MyMayu Wrist Gaiters. From Rain or Shine Mamma

MyMayu is a small, Canadian family business that is mostly known for its unique lightweight rain boots. I recently bought a pair for my oldest daughter, and love how sleek and portable they are compared to her regular rain boots. So when MyMayu co-founder Suzanne asked if I wanted to try out the company’s new wrist gaiters, I was of course game.

I always buy mittens with long cuffs for my kids, but they also have quite a few gloves and hand-me-down mittens with short cuffs. The problem with these is that snow and mud tends to get into that pesky gap between the glove and the jacket sleeve. That’s where these wrist gaiters come in handy.

My daughters have both tried the Ascent gaiters from MyMayu, which are made from recycled polyester. The material is waterproof, yet breathable, and the gaiters are very lightweight. The elastic at the wrist prevents snow from getting in from that end, and a safety toggle at the elbow has the same effect on the upper end of the gaiters. The thumb elastic keeps the gaiters in place even on very active children. Winter Clothing Hack: MyMayu Wrist Gaiters. From Rain or Shine Mamma

The Ascent gaiters retail for $14.95. There is also a style called Summit that costs a little more; $17.95. The Summit gaiters have a slightly more advanced design and extend farther down on the hand than the Ascent gaiters.

After trying the Ascent gaiters out for several weeks in snowy Sweden, both while playing outside and during more physically challenging outdoor activities, like skiing, I feel like we have given this product a good go, and it lives up to the hype. Both kids have stayed dry the entire time they’ve used the gaiters, and it’s nice to have this option to extend the use of the gloves and mittens that have short cuffs.

I will note that although my children are 5 and 8, they both needed some assistance getting the gaiters on, since they are quite tight, even when the safety toggle is at the loosest setting. This is also what keeps the snow and sleet out, though, so I feel like it’s a reasonable trade-off to keep the kids dry and happy!

Do you have any favorite clothing hacks? If so, please share in the comments!

Winter Clothing Hack: MyMayu Wrist Gaiters. From Rain or Shine Mamma

Disclaimer: I received a pair of wrist gaiters from MyMayu in order to facilitate this review. I only promote products that I think are beneficial to my family and my readers, and all opinions expressed are my own. You can read my full disclosure policy here.

4 thoughts on “Winter Clothing Hack: MyMayu Wrist Gaiters

  1. Michael Barton says:

    We love the pair we got and did a review for! Life has been rather busy lately, so we’re hoping soon to get more use out of them this season (perhaps at Mt. Rainer National Park).

  2. Malin Christensson says:

    I like abeko mitts that are waterproof and you can knit your own second layer mitt or have a synthetic fleece mitt inside. They dry faster, instead of the gloves that take longer to dry and eventually smells like mildew.

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