5 Tips for Taking the Kids to the Park

Tips for Taking Kids to the Park. Rain or Shine Mamma.

Where we live, corn and soybean fields abound, while woods and other wilderness areas are harder to come by. But, we only have to drive for half an hour or 45 minutes to get to a number of state and county parks, which we often do on the weekends. Better yet, just ten minutes down the road is a small nature preserve that we often go to, and for the days when time is tight we usually just stop by our local city park for a while, so that the girls can play and blow off some steam outdoors.

Tips for Taking Kids to the Park. Rain or Shine Mamma.My point is that regardless of where you live, it’s possible to find nature – you’ve just got to know where to look. And parks – whether they’re national, state, county or city parks – are a great place to start!

I’m telling you this because May 16 marks the fifth annual National Kids to Parks Day, which was started by the National Park Trust to encourage children across the country to “explore their neighborhood parks and discover science, history, nature and adventure right around the corner or just across town.” If you take the pledge to bring the kids to a park on May 16 you will be entered to win a Nikon COOLPIX L830 camera. PLUS, if you enter the giveaway at the end of this post you have a chance of winning even more cool prizes!

Before you head out, read these tips for a successful trip to the park:

  • Do your research

Sure, everybody loves going to Yellowstone or Yosemite, but don’t overlook the gems in your own backyard. Challenge yourself to visit at least one or two local or state parks that you’ve never been to this year. Discover the Forest has a handy search engine that can help you find a state or national forest or park near you. Google your state’s Department of Natural Resources (or equivalent) for listings of county and local parks, or simpler yet, just use Google Maps and zoom in on the green areas. A little research before you head out can go a long way. Who knows – you may find a new favorite hangout!

  • Dress for the weather

I know I probably sound like a broken record at this point, but dressing for the weather is key to outdoor recreation, especially if you’re planning on hiking. Forecasts are not always (actually, are they ever?) on the mark, so bring extra layers and rain coats if there are any doubts about the weather. And this probably goes without saying, but make sure the kids wear sturdy shoes and clothes that can handle some tree climbing and dirt digging. If you’re not OK with something getting stained, wet and possible torn, it’s better to have them wear something else. Believe me, I know this all too well from experience.

  • Bring a picnic

During the winter, hot chocolate is my go-to weapon for getting the girls excited to go just about anywhere outdoors. We’re a healthy family that mostly eat whole foods and reserve the sugary stuff for special occasions, but when we have picnics I make sure to always pack a little treat that I know the girls will get excited about. Plus, eating outside is a great way to bond as a family in nature!

  • Let your child take the lead

If you’re hiking, let the kids lead the way on the trail, so that they can get a clear view and a sense of being in charge. Make sure to allow plenty of time for frequent stops, as your kids will likely want to stop and look for tadpoles in the creek, scale some big rocks, and chase after butterflies on the way. For more tips on hiking with young children, click here.

  • Prepare some activities

This is far from mandatory, since kids tend to find many ways to entertain themselves in parks and nature areas. However, if you’re hiking or visiting a park that doesn’t have any play equipment it doesn’t hurt to have a few activities up your sleeve. It can be as simple as cloud spotting, matching leaves to the right tree or turning over some rocks to see what’s hiding underneath. I have more nature walk activities on the blog, or you can visit Nature Rocks, which has a really neat tool that lets you do customized searches for things to do, depending on the weather and what type of outdoor environment you’re in.

What are your best tips for a successful trip to a park or other nature area?

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11 thoughts on “5 Tips for Taking the Kids to the Park

  1. Karen Ung (@playoutsidegal) says:

    I think you covered the most important things! The right clothes and lots to eat are the key to any outing, big or small. Our research usually gives us ideas re: activities (e.g. if we there’s water, we will find it and play in it!), and I totally agree on letting your children take the lead. They have so much more fun when they have some say!

  2. WildFamilyFun says:

    Hi, I really agree with you that you can find nature where ever you live.
    Great tips, with the right clothing you can get outside and enjoy. We love putting on our waterproofs and going out in the rain. Living in Wales we’d never get out if we worried about the rain!

  3. Nicole Flynn says:

    My family loves going to State and National parks. We actually have one less than 2 hours away that has Bison in it! This would be super cool to win for my kiddos. Ouabachee State Park (Indiana) is the one where the bison are. We also find nature in our own neighborhood too, which is easy with a creek a few feet away. We get to see lots of interesting birds from time to time.

    • Linda McGurk says:

      I had no idea there was a park with bison in it in Indiana! That’s less than three hours away from us – we might have to check that out sometime. Glad to hear that you’re getting outside with the kiddos!

      • Nicole Flynn says:

        It is about 2 hours North of me. It has a tall Fire Tower too that we usually go up. Nice, woodsy trails, mostly flat, but that is easier for the kids. It is worth the drive for us.

  4. Sophia Slate says:

    Thank you for your great tip on how you should bring food to the park for you and your kids. I’m always looking for fun things to do with my kids during the day, and recently I’ve been thinking about taking them to the park. I will definitely keep all of your great tips and information in mind when taking my kids to the park.

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