How Will You Play Outside in 2015?

As 2014 has just come to a close and a new year is beginning, the time of reckoning has come. Around this time last year I made a somewhat ambitious bucket list of outdoor experiences that I wanted to accomplish. We didn’t get around to doing everything on the list but this is what we’re able to check off:

  • We slept under the stars (only two nights, but at least it’s something).
  • We learned about wildflowers in our backyard, even more species than my original goal had stated.
  • We went to a state park that we’d never been to before.
  • We built a den out of sticks in the woods.
  • We went hiking at least once a month. Not every hike was epic but at least we got in the habit of doing it.
  • We planted a vegetable garden and flowers for the butterflies.
  • We tried – and loved – geocaching!
  • We introduced the kids to ice skating.

And here’s our list for 2015:

Outdoor Play Party: How Will You Play Outside in 2015? Our Outdoor Bucket List. Rain or Shine Mamma

Do you like to make bucket lists? Do you have any outdoor experiences that you’d like to accomplish this year?

Outdoor Play Party

At the last Outdoor Play Party, I really enjoyed a guest post on Learning for Life about the way teacher Unnur Henrys manages risk during outdoor play at a preschool in Iceland. The approach is very similar to what I’ve experienced at preschools in Sweden, and also the approach that I try to take with my own children at home.

Outdoor Play Party: Managing Risk. Rain or Shine Mamma

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