Published on August 15th, 2013 Updated on August 15th, 2017 By Linda McGurk

I’m a journalist and photographer who grew up in Sweden, approximately on the same latitude as the Gulf of Alaska. When I spend time in nature with my two young daughters, I’m also known as a worm-digger, frog catcher, splinter remover, tree identifier, mud cleaner-upper, tent raiser, band aid provider, and fire builder-in-chief.

So why “Rain or Shine Mamma”?

When I grew up I was taught to go outside every day, rain or shine, because it was “good for me.” At the time, I probably didn’t even realize how true that was. I was quite contented making mud cakes and building forts in the woods.

After becoming a mother I noticed that many American children seem to lack a meaningful connection with nature, and I started this blog in 2013 as a way to inspire outdoor play and adventure every day, regardless of the weather. I want my children to be able to explore the wonders of the natural world the way I did, and if I can inspire others in the process, it will be well worth it.

As Richard Louv so aptly puts it: “Every child needs nature. Not just the ones with parents who appreciate nature. Not only those of a certain economic class or culture or gender or sexual identity or set of abilities. Every child.”

Linda McGurk - Rain or Shine Mamma